Mentoring & Consulting






Dale loves mentoring and empowering individuals to become leaders in the arts industry. Whether they are at the beginning of their career or seasoned Artistic Directors, Dale works with each person on how to make connections, fundraising, budgeting, strategy, build their career, and not under estimate their potential.  

Dale has been an absolute champion of my work, in crucial ways that have given me new insights into my practice and goals. Moreover, she has guided me through negotiations and challenges with unfaltering grace and enthusiasm. She is always raising my spirit and my hopes, and has inspired in me - by her own example - a rock-solid grounding in self-belief. She is one of a kind.
— Annie Saunders, Artistic Director,
Dale Franzen has been one of my most influential mentors. She taught me how to make an idea shine with attention to detail, panache, heart and vision.
— Adam Philipsson, CEO and President, Count Basie Theatre
Dale has been a tremendous asset in giving me focus and helping me achieve my goals as an arts leader. She is warm, highly knowledgeable, and generous.
— Danny Feldman, Producing Artistic Director, Pasadena Playhouse
Confidence and connection is in Dale Franzen’s blood. Just ten minutes with her will have you feeling bulletproof and ready to align with the right people & resources to propel your creative dreams forward.
— Gregory Douglass, Singer/Songwriter
Dale is one of my most cherished mentors. Her confidence, drive, dedication, generosity, and pizazz rubs off on anyone that’s she is around. I consider myself one of the lucky ones that I get to have her voice, guidance, knowledge, and mentorship through the start of my career. Dale is the best of the best.
— Kathleen O'Kelly, MFA Student in Creative Producing and Management at CalArts